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NOUVEAU NUDE THE MALE NUDE NOW Private view: Thursday 12th November, 6.30 -10.00

Thursday 12th November – Sunday 6th December
This exhibition seeks to celebrate and explore the male nude, celebrating those who examine, muse and obsess over this controversial subject.

Exhibiting work from a vast selection of artists and creative fields including film, photography, illustration, fanzine’s and literature reviewing it’s place in a commercial and subcultural context.

Male nudity has always been more subversive than it’s female counterpart, falling in and out of popularity through out art history, but always celebrated and developed by the gay and erotic arts.

The ‘gaze’ has shifted from being predominantly on women to men in fashion, film and advertising, and with the recently increasing trend for homo eroticism and full frontal male nudity, it begs the question, what is the place of the male nude in contemporary society? And will it ever develop and evolve into being as common place as a pair of breasts in a newspaper.

As it takes more and more to shock us, what now is the reaction towards the male nude,

and can the more untraditional images and growing trend for alternative visions of beauty be viewed in they’re own right with out being labeled homo erotic, classicist or pornographic.

Dalston Super Store, 117 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB
Contributers: Exterface, Mikel Marton, Cathal O’brien, Matthew Brindle, Justino Esteves, Elizabeth Eamer, Emma Gibson, Anna Stubbe, Echo Morgan, Alex Noble, Moses Powers, Theo Firmo

Fanzines: BUTT, Pin Ups, Spunk, Anal Light and Illustration installation: Prick Image and Alex Noble



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