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QR Code or Barcode art – where do you start?

Scott Blake Barcode art Barcode graffiti
Barcodes/QR Codes are now becoming great interactive art and art services we’ve had QR code from Takashi Murakami and you can but street art with Street Art Dealer .
But where does one start? Well first you have to have the software to read the codes on your mobile, you get this at get.beetag.com .
Then you can create your own barcode to put on your art works or anything else goto a free barcode generator such as quikqr.com or snappr.net for this you can also include a photo in the barcode and you can use zazzle.com in the barcode to create a link to a website.

So as well as buying street art and promoting an LV collection what else can you do?
Well check out Scott Blake (Barcodeart)
And here’s a great list of other uses (Fluid Forms) via (Victor Keegan)



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