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Milk Plus, the first UK-based project curated by Chinese artist Mai-Lin Tan at Fold Gallery

Art Opening Friday 19th June
Working in collaboration with Fold Gallery, Milk Plus features the work of six artists from across the UK and China.
Dylan Atkins, Andrew Ekins, Alexander Hoda, James Howard, Zhang Peng, Mai-Lin Tan
The artists variously explore the themes of human behaviour, ritual, and exchange and interaction – themes that are unified by the curator’s own persuasive contribution. Mai-Lin Tan offers up a panacea to society’s ills – a functional ingredient to counter our current state of confusion, and further, a salve to remedy the existential dilemma itself. But the question remains: does Milk Plus really work?

‘This miracle liquid nourished and healed millions since time immemorial, it is life-giving substance, expelled from one body to another, now its added chemical – the ‘plus’ – has the special power.

In Greek times, the lotus eater has the ability to walk through the world with sleepy eyes, in a state of lazy forgetfulness.

The ‘Milk Plus’ is maintaining a convenient ‘blind spot on the world like the Lotus seed did for the ancient ones. ‘Milk Plus is ideal for people who going into a cold panic at the thought of the Universe, Evolution, Reproduction, Love, Life itself and other of ‘Big Awkward Question’. Even if the ‘Big Awkward Question’ is not troubling you, everyone’s drinking it to forget traumatic events, or to help not to obsess about potential dangers of our world.’
Excerpt from ‘Milk Plus’ , Mai-Lin Tan, 2009.



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