Robert White at Venice Biennale Alexander Ponomarev’s Subtiziano.

Dear people, I can only start the day with a quick mail to update the recent itinerary of what is happening here in between the canals and sometimes in the canals, Alexander Ponomarev’s Subtiziano show held by the RNA has blown us away with the immense effort of building a 70 ft submarine hand painted floating outside the show.

But as an advertisement to a show its hard to beat but the show had enough nuance in the rest of the art work to leave me very happy. The subtle drawing over working architectural plans, both nautical and construction working drawings were a beautiful compliment to delicate, feather submarines in glass briefcase’s, I hope to go back and get some more info for you all because it was indeed worth all the effort invested in the work .
Alexander Ponomarev’s Subtiziano as a Collateral Event of The 53rd International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia (ARTinfo)
RNA Foundation
That obscure object of art (
Alexander Ponomarev

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