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FAD’s Pick of The Weekend (March 21/22)

Making Mistakes | Woman Performances | Saturday 21 March | 6 pm Paradise RowWOMAN, WOOOOOMAN we all come from them, half of us are them and a lot of us do our best to get inside of them.
For as long as we can remember artists have been making work about Woman, many songs have been written about their love of women, many female artist have asked what does it mean to be a woman, some male artist have asked what does it mean to be a woman. And each girl grows up knowing that one day she must become a woman, as from boy to man it is a title that must be earned by a pubescent dose of hormones as well as another far heftier dose of fumbling experience and imitation. Which is why, this month Making Mistakes explores WOMAN

Performance artists, Writers and Musicians wrestling with a word, an idea and a reality.

Paradise Row
St Matthew’s Hall
Entrance: 17 Hereford Street, London, E2 6EX
Mail: 2 Wood Close, London, E2 6ET
T: 44(0) 20 7613 3311

Big Thanks to Russell Herron as Always …………



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