Who The FUCK Do You Think You Are Friday 6th February

Who The FUCK Do You Think You Are at The Dazed Gallery Curated by: John Paul Pryor
Friday 6th February – Thursday 2nd April
Who The FUCK Do You Think You Are is an exhibition that explores notions of identity, posing fundamental questions about the shifting, amorphous nature of ‘self’’ in an accelerated society that is increasingly obsessed with celebrity, success and glamour. The show features five of London’s most exciting young artists and is essentially concerned with how we define ourselves within such a society, asking whether the motifs we employ as signifiers of our individuality are truly chosen, or more simply the arbitrary results of social conditioning.
Through a variety of different mediums all of the artists involved will tackle the issue of identity crisis in the 21st century head-on and attempt to shine a light upon the vapid emptiness eating away at the heart of contemporary culture.

Artists:Luke Drozd,Hal Sear,Kirsten Edwards,Debbie Metherell,George Chakravarthi ,Daryl Waller,

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