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red rag to a bull

www.redragtoabull.com is now up and running. On it you will find original new work by James Cauty (including his first stamp since the closure of the CNPD), Billy Childish, Jamie Reid and STOT21stCplanB….. All relating to something about Damien Hirst and a Street Urchin

Red Rag To A Bull is a radical institution dedicated to the pursuit of “FREEDOM, TRUTH and JUSTICE in the art world and BEYOND”. And also overblown statements. It was founded by a cartel of rich and powerful light industrialists in the depths of the bleak winter of 2009 when the world was on the brink of total financial collapse.

The purpose of the site is for CREATIVE CRITICAL REVIEW and should be treated as such. ALL images and any proposed sale of these images is designed to create critical dialogue and may or may not be what they first appear to be.



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