SWEET TOOF MARTIN LEA BROWN at Sartorial Contemporary Art PV Thursday 22 January 2009 , 6:30 to 11.00pm

Sartorial Contemporary Art is pleased to present Martin Lea Brown, an artist whose paintings have a humorous response to the cash crisis. In the series ‘Fools Gold’ Brown constructs scenes in oil paints of masked raiders committing the perfect crime at point blank range. Watch what happens next when the villains grab the dirty cash…Cry Wolf, Tears of a Clown, Super Grass, Dirty Rat, maybe its time to make a Sharp Exit and step on it and find a safelace to stash the cash…
Daily scenes of heists, robberies and other high culture moments. He works the oils deeply to achieve a rich, vivid and colourful painting structure, his subjects are simultaneously satirical whilst retaining a dark humour

London , UK : Leading street artist Sweet Toof shares his striking acidic vision in a new set of 14 limited edition prints in collaboration with Aida, Olly Beck, Andy Council, Cept, Cyclops, Descreet, Gretta, Kate Mackeson, Monkey, Motorboy, Gold Peg, Rowdy, Sickboy, Snoe and Tek33

Private View with party to drown your sorrows – as we plunge deeper into recession – with a glass of wine at Sartorial Contemporary Art, on Thursday 22 January 2009 , 6:30 to 11.00pm .

Sweet Toof’s new book ‘ Fools Gold Sweet Toof’ published by Sartorial Contemporary Art (ISBN: 978-09559100-0-6) will also be launched this evening.

Sweet Toof/ Martin Lea Brown’s exhibition runs until 4 February 2009 . Tuesday to Saturday 1:30 to 7:00 pm

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