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London artist Wayne Chisnall to send print to Barack Obama on the eve of his inauguration

Following the recent revelations that Barack Obama is going to feature in the next issue (no. 583, out 14th January) of Marvel’s comic “The Amazing Spider-Man”,
British artist Wayne Chisnall has decided to help the incoming President decorate his new home at the White House.
Chisnall is sending his iconic “Spidey Pods” print to the White House on Monday 19th January. He didn’t want to send it over too early in case it fell into the wrong hands – the Bush administration. Chisnall says: “After two terms of a super villain,let’s hope there will now be two terms of a super hero.”

Obama was quoted last year in Entertainment Weekly as saying: “The guys who have too many powers, like Superman, that always made me think they weren’t really earning their superhero status. It’s a little too easy. Whereas Spider-Man and Batman, they have some inner turmoil. They get knocked around a little bit.”
Chisnall explains further: “After finding out Obama was also a Spider-Man fan, I knew the Americans had finally elected the right man for the job. I thought I’d send him one of my deconstructed Spider-Man prints as a ‘welcome to office’ present.
As Spider-Man already knows, and President Obama is soon to find out, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.”
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