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London Art: Round up London paper

Here’s The London papers take on London art
Emerging Architecture 08
Plans to transform the 2012 Olympics athletes’ dining hall into schools and the blueprint for a commune in Old Compton Street feature at this show of work by architecture students.
RIBA, to 28 Feb, 66 Portland Place, W1

International artists look at the circulation of images in the modern world, such as Munich-born Hito Steyerl’s search to find a picture of herself as a bondage model in 80s Tokyo.
ICA, to 1 Feb, The Mall, SW1

Small Is Beautiful
Sir Anthony Caro is among the 108 new and established artists who have made miniature works on the subject of love at this exhibition.
Flowers East, to 3 Jan, 82 Kingsland Road, E2



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