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Marmite Prize Show

Studio 1.1, Marmite Prize for Painting, November 27th, 6-9pm, www.marmiteprize.org
The exhibition opening party will be on Thursday 27th November from 6pm – 9pm, at Studio 1.1, 57a REDCHURCH STREET E2.
The prize giving will be at 8pm by our dedicatee Oliver Kossack.
On the next page is a list of everybody whose work will be exhibited at the second biennial Marmite Prize for Painting.

Alex Bowen, Nicola Williams, David Ben White, Pippa Gatty, Christopher Stevens, Ross Walker, Dai Roberts, Flore Nove-Josserand, Benjamin Senior, Paddy Gould, Adam Holmes Davies, Edward Todd, Michaela Zimmer, Marisol Malatesta, Edmund Goubert, Eve Peasnall, Graham Carrick, Howard Dyke, Iain Andrews, Kate Lyddon, Kevin Mason, Kounosuke Kawakami, Kes Richardson, Louisa Durose, Karl Bielik, Stephen Harwood, Richard Bateman, Alex Heaton, Vineta Kaulaca, Herzog Dellafiore, William Wright, Kate Groobey, Jeff Asan, Russell Herron, David Small, George Williams, Zachary Stadel, Gavin Toye, Alex Hamilton, Andrew Ekins, Hugh McCarthy, Dana Suckling, Sarah Jane Hender, Velika Janeva, Ruth Calland, Christopher Bond, David Drey, Freya Douglas Morris, Eleanor Moreton.
The Marmite Prize is curated by Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran.
There will be a catalogue of all the entrants work available for a special exhibition price of £5.

For more information visit www.naimad.co.uk/studio1-1/ or www.marmiteprize.orgBelow is a list of everybody whose work will be exhibited at the second biennial Marmite Prize for Painting.



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