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John Welchman on Paul McCarthy

John Welchman

John Welchman, LA based speaker, author and expert and colleague of artist Paul McCarthy spent Friday at Sheffield Hallam Arts Dept The talk, slides and film shown of McCarthy’s recent ‘Caribbean Pirates’ (not showing at a cinema near you) was totally engaging. Abject art has nothing on what’s going on here, grotesque, ritualised, scatalogical, bloody, political and dangerous indeed. The informal talk after was on Institutional Risk and then I got a private tutorial. Top marks for the uni for arranging this, tickets for one hour talks at the ICA were recently £10, value for money counts in the current offensive mess Hallam uni have created for the arts dept. Audio recordings (each under 30mb, total around 90 mins) – Pirates pt.1 here. pt.2 here and Risk talk here.



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Paul McCarthy’s show at Max Hetzler Gallery goes from zero to one hundred (thousand). The exhibition is not for the faint of heart, but unlike irate audiences in Paris who shuddered at the site of an evocatively tapered Christmas tree, the Berlin public might be challenged for different reasons.

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