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EXTRASCHROT presents Freistil(freestyle) Berlin end August

group show ” FREISTIL(freestyle)” at the end of August. EXTRARAUM is a project of the artistsgroup EXTRASCHROT and exisits since April 2008. The focus is on recent positions, which have a specific view of the society and their mechanisms.
opening friday, 29.08.08 at 7 pm

Quirin Bäumler, Nik Bednarek, Beate Bilkenroth, Rahel Bruns, Andy Collquitt, Sebastian Debold, Ellen Druwe, Simon Faithfull, Berhard Janitschke, Katja Flieger, Armin Keller, Sandra Kuhne, Sylwia Ludas, Christian Maier, Juliane Oehlmann, Daniela Querol, Rindfleisch/Rapedius, Joanna Zawodzinska, Katharina Arndt, Gero Neumeister

Even if the exhibition title gives consciously no topic, most work is coined/shaped by an ironical and uninspiring view of its surrounding field.
Sandra Kuhne shows a photo of a playing boy in Bangkok. Its professional toy military equipment consisting of a submachine gun, an eye protector and a hand grenade at his belt is presented in a proud pose. The boy stands with its joy of playing with guns against our moral values of “weapons are evil”. Andy Coolquitt shows 3 drawings, which are forerunners of his animal sculptures. Fast and at a first look ingenuous the outlines of different animals, which have sex with one another, are drawen. The naive gesture does innocent, but is it, however, not. Because the duck puts its bill in the butt of the pig and is at the same time licked by the dog. A modern tale, where animals can do, what humans do not dare. A further work is “Woman with dogs” of Armin Keller. Composed from cut out pieces of cardboard, we see a scene, in which 2 dogs attack and tear up a woman. Since the shaping of the bodies is somehow infantil and thereby abstract and comic-like, the actual cruelty of the scene is exaggerated and led into a humoristic grotesque. So one can satisfy its desire for sensation without having a bad conscience.

EXTRARAUM bei Bildschöne Bücher
Ausstellungsraum /// Kunstbuchhandlung

Brunnenstrasse 152
10115 Berlin

Mi, Fr, Sa 13 -18 Uhr
und nach Vereinbarung



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