FAD Agency is a culture-focused creative service business that believes that culture is interesting and interesting is important.

We were started by advertising agency veterans turned art world insiders Mark & Hannah and now we provide a range of creative marketing services to organizations and businesses that want to use culture to communicate.

We believe that the culture that surrounds us – music, art, celebrity and entertainment, is now so important to people everywhere that unless you’re being really interesting, your brand messages won’t resonate with who you want to talk to.

Some of our work is with businesses and organisations already involved in culture, and some of our work is with businesses and organisations looking for an extra edge to get their messages to their audiences.

We use our art world and brand world experience to connect the producers of cultural content  – artists, galleries, museums, fairs etc., with users of cultural content – the public, brands and agencies.

To make these connections we create brands, build websites, make magazines, put on events, set up communications programmes  – and more – all filled with creativity and charm and all underpinned by strategic rigour.

This is what we do…

  • Strategy
    • Brand strategy: market and audience segmentation, branding and product development consultancy designed to get your business moving.
    • Marketing and communications strategy: working out the sell – the why, who, how, when, where and what
    • Comms channel planning: helping you choose where to play in order to get the most out of your budget, including
      • Developing the right balance between owned, earned and paid-for media
      • Social media strategy: identifying the best use of resource to achieve your goals across the huge range of social channels available
      • Business development consultancy: identifying and developing relevant brand partnerships to extend your reach
  • Implementation
    • Content creation: We we work with lots of different amazing filmmakers, writers, artists. We build the right team for the brief.
    • Content delivery: we work with a network of talented storytellers, filmmakers, data analysts, digital developers, coders, CRM developers, community managers, PRs, media planners, and depending on the project and the strategy, deploy the right mix to get results

We’ve worked with some of the world’s most creatively engaged brands to achieve trackable, successful, but above all, creatively powerful campaigns.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Mark & Hannah

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