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The Best Free Slots Based on Your Favorite Art

Photo by Steve Johnson: https://www.pexels.com/photo/multicolored-abstract-painting-1266808/

Today, many gamers stick to a preferred theme and style. For example, eSports largely focus on MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas), FPS titles (first-person shooters), and fighting games. But those who enjoy MOBAs might not necessarily like an FPS or fighting game—and vice versa.

However, when it comes to shopping around for diverse themes and titles, slots players have unprecedented options. Those who regularly play free slots online know just how varied and dynamic each offering is. And while online slots share a basic gameplay format, each has a unique theme or premise to explore.

Regardless of your interests—even those related to fine arts—you can find a title that’s perfect for you. Unlike the rest of the gaming industry, which focuses on long-form adventures and challenges, slots are more accessible for casual players. Below we’re taking a look at some great options for those who enjoy fine arts. Keep reading for a breakdown of the best slot titles on the market, and which artists they pair well with.

Sugar Craze Bonanza / Andy Warhol

This is one of the brightest and most exciting pop-sugar themes available for slot players. Anyone who plays the title will immediately notice parallels between the game’s pop art emphasis on delectable visuals and blotted-line techniques and the work of Andy Warhol. This game is a fantastic adventure for those who feel enlivened by things like cotton candy tornadoes and sugary skies.

Buffalo King Megaways / Ken Burns

If you’ve sat through a Ken Burns documentary, then you understand how influential North American wilderness can be. His work on The West, in particular, makes him a great fine arts counterpart to games like Buffalo King Megaways. Buffalo King draws on North America’s rugged terrain and wild spirit. If you’ve got a love of the outdoors and favor splendid vistas, then this game will touch on your interests.

Starlight Princess / Yashiro Nanaco

Starlight Princess is an anime-inspired adventure that’s based in a fanciful kingdom. Players are able to play the game alongside Princess Starlight herself. For those who enjoy the work of painter Yashiro Nanaco, it’s a great fit. Not only does Princess Starlight closely mirror the fantastical women depicted in Nanaco’s work, but the slot also features a royal theme which Nanaco’s painted women often embody.

Immortal Romance Remastered / MLMA

This title builds on the popularity of paranormal romance projects like The Vampire Diaries. However, it’s also a great fit if you enjoy the wild fashion projects of MLMA, or Me Love Me A lot. The Korean designer is known for her surreal and, at times, uncomfortable creations. She closely mirrors the gothic aesthetic of paranormal romances, especially those depicted in this slot game.

Photo by Steve Johnson: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tilt-shift-photography-of-gray-surface-1047525/

Countess Cash / Inès Longevial

Countess Cash takes players into a highly stylized casino world. Here, you’ll play alongside a countess with a great fortune and plenty of interesting ideas. The Countess lives a luxurious lifestyle that players are allowed to see behind the curtain. While the style of the game differs from the paintings of French artist Inès Longevial, the spirit of the Countess and the women depicted in Longevial’s paintings offer a similarly elusive stance of women—all painted in a variety of colours and poses.

The Red Queen / Guillermo Lorca

The Red Queen offers an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque romp. This playful slot takes players through a highly fantastical world, with plenty of magical and anthropomorphized animals. As such, it’s a great fit for Chilean painter Guillermo Lorca. His larger-than-life paintings depict domestic scenes intercut with fantastical beasts, like pink tigers and blue cranes. Think of it like a classical take on campy fantasy like The Red Queen.



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