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Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

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A survey has found that nearly a fifth of adults in the UK have a tattoo and 30% of those between 25 and 39 have at least one tattoo. So whether you are deciding to get inked for the first time or deciding on adding to your tattoo collection, there are a number of things to consider. Tattoos are often for life, although there are now tattoos that last a year but most will be with you a long time. Below are just some of the things to consider before getting a tattoo.

Tattoos are Permanent

An obvious thing to say but if you are getting a tattoo you will have it for a long time although there are tattoo removal services, but these are extremely expensive. Test out if you want a tattoo by making use of temporary ones as mentioned above that last a year. You can try these out in different locations and different types to see what you could live with before making it permanent. 

Tattoo Placement

Consider where you are going to place your tattoo. There are tattoos that are referred to as “job stoppers”. This means that the tattoo is placed in a prominent location such as the hand, this often puts prospective employers off hence the name. Also, some tattooists will not take on a job if the tattoo is a job stopper especially if the client is young and has never had a tattoo before. 

Choosing a Tattooist 

Do your research to ensure you get a tattooist you like. This means asking family and friends for recommendations. Most tattooists will use social media to show their work, ensure you check out previous tattoos, and go with one that you like their style. Tattooists are artists so they will be happy to show you their work. Also, consider the equipment tattooists use, you want one that has the best tools such as the best inks or the best tattoo power supply. All of these things should be considered when choosing a tattooist.

Tattoos Hurt

Again, this might be an obvious thing to say but getting a tattoo will hurt. The location of tattoos can also impact how sore it is. The advice is to have some sweets and a sugary drink with you when getting a tattoo just in case your sugar levels drop or the pain gets too much. You can also request to have the tattoo completed in stages to ease the length of time under the needle.

Looking After Tattoos

Taking care of your newly inked tattoo is important. This means following the recommendations from your tattooist which can include applying moisturizer or antibacterial cream every few hours until the skin heals. This may take up to 10 days of aftercare. Remember your skin may feel rough and start to flake after getting a tattoo so aftercare is extremely important.



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