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How to go viral on Facebook in 2021

Facebook is home to nearly 3 billion active monthly users making it a dynamite social media platform for marketing. Millions of daily posts flood Facebook timelines, which makes it challenging to gain powerful traction for meeting your marketing goals. Besides that, over 500 million Facebook users watch videos every day. 

The following will discuss enterprising tips, tricks, and methods to enhance your Facebook videos for optimal and dynamic traction. This will result in a higher chance of going viral and attracting relevant and effective attention.


People are attracted to originality online. While your inspiration can come from brainstorming other videos, you still need to be original and not try to copycat video content. You can expect every video platform to be the same. Originality wins the race.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines drive the highest rankings and long-term website traffic. The easiest way to explain using SEO to go viral is to identify content that has the potential to go viral (news, trending topics, current events, etc) and use low-competition keywords for your content. The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a good place to start with finding the appropriate keywords, though there are other keyword tools that can help you.


It is highly unlikely that one video is going to go viral, so you need to schedule multiple video posts to be consistent and maintain that consistency. Posting one to three videos per week is sufficient for getting started. Your followers will know when to expect your videos and that sets you up for future followers.  

Trending Topics

Look for trending topics related to your niche and create something or share something with that content. You can be creative with trending topics to create unique video content. Google and Twitter are good places to find trending topics. Sometimes, you may be able to spin an unrelated trend and make it work with your niche. This is known to create interest and boost views.

Catchy Headlines

The headlines/titles of your videos and posts can make or break your views. Something catchy in your headline (article, video, post, other content) is good for creating viral content. Many people will see and read your headline, but a low percentage of them will read your article or watch your video if it is not interesting. Consider your headline/title a first impression. 

Would You Share It?

Once you have created a video, watch it and decide if you would share it if you saw it on Facebook. Would you want to like, comment, and share that video with friends and family? Would you watch it through to the end? Would you share it on Facebook Messenger? In other words, you should believe in video and content before you post it. 

KISS _ Keep It Short and Simple

Get right to the point in your video. Viral videos are mostly short and simple (ex: TikTok and Facebook Stories). 30 seconds to one minute is recommended for videos to go viral. Anything longer is likely to lose your viewer. This is much like viral articles that are short-form as opposed to long-form. Longer content (articles or videos) has more context and offers a competitive edge, but you first need to get attention to your presence.

High-Quality Videos

Your videos need to have good audio, good production value, no dead air, and ample lighting to look professional and go viral. You have 5 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, so quality is essential. 

Boost Engagement

Engagement is necessary if you want your video to go viral. A good thing to remember is that the more likes and views you have, the more others will be enticed to watch your content. Services such as SidesMedia can help you gain real, exclusive, and genuine likes, views, and followers. Starting at a low number of views will show you how it works and then you can let your video soar.


One of the most valuable resources you can use for viral videos is influencer or similar niche collaborations. Connect with them and engage in sharing content for them in return for them sharing your content. Look for similar niche pages with more followers than you and contact the person behind them. Be generous and they will be the same with you. 


Overall, be honest and genuine with your video content using the aforementioned tips and viral ideas. To recap, learn SEO, be yourself, be consistent, use trends to your advantage, write catchy headlines, create high-quality content and videos, keep it short and simple, boost engagement as needed, and collaborate with similar businesses. 



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