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How to Design a Game Room at Home

A game room is an amazing addition to any home, and easier than you may think to design and install. Here is our quick guide on how to design the perfect game room for your home.

Seating is Important

Where you and your friends are going to sit when you are using your games room is an important factor that many people overlook.

Make sure there is space for people to relax in your game room and spectate any gaming that is happening in the room. You may need places to sit for specific types of games, such as board games and video games, so make sure there is plenty of spaces and people have options. Furniture will take up a lot of floor space in your games room, so it is best to start here and then begin adding games and equipment.

Make Sure There are Refreshments Available

Playing games is thirsty work. You will need to have a selection of beverages available, as well as snacks if you are going to make the most of your game room.

A small bar or kitchenette in a corner of the room is a smart addition. To give yourself more beverage and snack options, consider adding a refrigerator. You don’t need a full-size fridge as you would find in a kitchen, just something small that you can keep under a counter to hold some beers and sodas as well as perishable snacks. Make sure it has an icebox, so you can keep some ice on hand – and some ice cream if you like.

A Game Room Needs Games

The games you play in your room are going to need some space too. If you have a pool table, for instance, then you will need room for the table and its accessories, as well as a clear space to play in.

Video games, virtual reality headsets, and simulators are another popular choice for a game room. A good golf simulator can help you lower your handicap at home, and also provide a fun activity for you and your friends. These types of simulators add something special to a game room and are also great for some competitive sport between friends and family no matter what the weather is like.

Game Rooms Need Music

A silent game room is dull and boring. Add some music to your space with something as big as a jukebox or as small as a decent Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are a great choice as they don’t limit your music options. You can stream music from different devices too, letting your friends and family choose some tunes to enjoy while you play games or relax. If you are a big music fan, you may want to consider a dedicated music playing device with a number of different inputs to choose from. If you have a curated collection of your favorite vinyl records, then a game room is the perfect place to enjoy them.

Double Up Your Game Room as a Home Theater

If you have enough space, you should give your game room extra use and add some home theater features, so you can make the most of the room.

Have some comfy seating that has a good view of your television so you and your friends and family can have movie nights. Projectors are getting cheaper and cheaper, and installing one in your games room with a pull-down screen takes up less space, letting you play games by day and seamlessly switch to a home theater at night.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to planning and installing a game room in your home. Make sure you have plenty of places to sit and relax between the gaming sessions, and lots of snacks and beverages to help keep the fun going!



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