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7 Sunglass Innovations You Need to Know About

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With the digitally driven world that people are living in now, it is not surprising how the demand for protective eyewear has steadily increased over the years. While some health conditions related to eyesight are genetically transmitted, some optical problems are also caused by the environment. For instance, the constant exposure to gadgets and computer screens can strain one’s eyes and blur their vision in the long run.

If you are about to order sunglasses online, perhaps you should take a quick look at the following inventions created to help enhance your trusty eyewear:

  • Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter technology has been around for quite some time. It was created to limit the amount of blue wavelength that enters your eyes whenever you are exposed to computer screens, phones, and other similar electronic gadgets. Excessive exposure to blue light can be detrimental to your eyesight because it can strain your eyes and blur your vision.

  • Health Tracker

RightEye introduced a technology that uses eye movement to help monitor their physiological well-being and determine whether they have underlying health conditions. The said innovation generates graphical data and a detailed analysis report to help patients gain a better picture of their health.

  • Augmented Reality

If you want something more exciting and straight out of a sci-fi movie, augmented reality might be the thing for you. Eyeglasses with augmented reality enable you to see images and digital files, similar to how you would in a regular computer or smartphone. Soon, you could also watch videos through your glasses.

  • Durable Material

Eye protection is also necessary for workplaces with high-risk factors, such as in construction, medical laboratories, and welding. As such, more and more eyeglasses are built with tougher material to provide tougher protection against debris, strong outside force, and hazardous chemicals.

  • Eyewear for Sports

Even athletes need a proper pair of lenses to protect their eyes. The proper eyewear provides a clearer vision and does not add any unnecessary weight or distraction that may cause an athlete to perform at their best. Instead, it becomes an instrumental factor that will improve their gameplay.

  • Improved Driving

Driving can be a little dangerous when you have blurry vision. It especially becomes more difficult during rainy days. Some glasses are crafted with sensors that help provide directions to the wearer and provide a clearer view of the road ahead.

  • Programmed and Automatic Lens Adjustment

Technology has made it possible for regular eyewear to take on the movements and functions of an actual eye or pupil. The lens with programmed and automatic adjustment features makes it easier to improve vision in real-time, as an actual eye would. It makes it convenient for people with specific eye concerns to see more clearly minus the hassle of having to wipe one’s eyeglass lenses.

The convenience of having to order sunglasses online, paired with more upcoming innovations in eyewear is surely helping make life more comfortable for people who need help with their eyesight. Who knows what other possibilities could emerge for eyeglasses soon?



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