What Software Do You Need to Design Custom Clothing?

The fashion industry is one of the most diversified and rapidly changing industries in the job market. Typically, fashion designs are trends that prevail in a particular context and time. Due to fashion trends’ fleeting nature, creating a design that will withstand the hustle-and-bustle of the ever-changing fashion industry can be difficult. To ensure your company gains visibility in the apparel market, you’ll need to create fashionable, wearable, and innovative clothing. An entrepreneur can achieve this balance by taking customer needs into account, adapting to new trends, complying with new markets, and incorporating technological innovations. 

While finding the right wholesale clothing supplier like this is critical, creativity should be the backbone of your endeavour. If you intend to start a business in the fashion industry, it’s imperative to note that traditional models and systems will no longer provide you with sustainable growth.

Instead, you may need to adopt promotable models that are technology-savvy and widely accepted. Moreover, most startup entrepreneurs today use custom design software to keep up with ever-shifting fashion trends and market demands. Read on for insight into the best fashion custom design software that can transform your start-up into a household name. 

Digital Fashion Pro

Digital Fashion Pro design software is a well-reputed graphic design software program that enables the user to create professional fashion sketches. Digital Pro software is ideal for beginners, up-and-coming clothing lines, amateur fashion designers, and high school/college graduates pursuing design lessons. 

Ideally, this software is a complete package of digital fabrics, training, and a collection of customizable clothing templates that allow you to develop professional design sketches, regardless of your drawing experience level. The best part, Digital Fashion Pro software is entirely user-friendly.

Crea Create

Crea Create is standard fashion design software that uses a 2D CAD suite in developing and editing exclusive patterns. You can create the patterns either from scratch or digitize them using a scanner, blackboard, or optical pen with Draw and Survey modules. As a bonus, Crea Create allows you to directly import formats while maintaining seam information and other internal extensions like buttons, holes, and notches.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is considered standard in fashion design software for students. The software is a vector graphics editor covering almost all fashion design facets, including patternmaking, logo ideation, and sketching. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are known as some of the most utilized computer-aided design programs in the industry.

Wild Ginger Cameo

Wild Ginger Cameo is an apparel pattern creation software. Professional pattern makers commonly use it in crafting custom designs or in situations of mass production. With Wild Ginger Cameo, you can draft, create, and edit technical pattern specifications.

C-Design Fashion

C-Design is a top-of-the-line fashion design software that helps users with creation and idea conception. It can also help optimize development and distribution by enabling you to create and arrange technical files. You can then share these files with suppliers as you track and manage the line sheets and the lifecycle for your collection. Additionally, C-Design Fashion can sync with Adobe Illustrator software, streamlining design processes.


SmartDesigner is a reputable fashion design software that’s an advanced breed of computer-aided design solutions for textile, apparel, and related industries. It combines an intuitive user interface with industry design features to boost your creativity and shorten your product development cycle. By definition, an intuitive user interface helps improve your fashion design experience and ensures customers obtain the fabrics that breathe life into their design vision. 


SnapFashun is popularly used as a teaching tool, as it provides a quick and easy way to educate students on the tools and program knowledge necessary in the fashion industry. In conjunction with familiarizing students with the correct names of silhouettes and fashion details, SnapFashun can help give these aspiring designers the technical and verbal skills required to work in the fashion design industry.

Autodesk Design Software

Autodesk offers a wide selection of design software to improve your fashion designs and customize the finer details to suit your customer base’s specific needs. Autodesk provides Sketchbook and Auto computer-aided designs that enable designers to unlock new digital concepts on a computer or other mobile devices.

OptaCut-Cut Plan & Roll Plan Software

OptaCut is an advanced fashion design software that helps designers reduce fabric wastages, execute orders faster, and control leakages. The software suggests material consumption similar to the actual value using big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Most importantly, OptaCut helps allocate rolls to markers efficiently and optimally to minimize fabric wastage.


Launch your fashion design career by investing in the software necessary to cater to the latest-and-greatest trends and maximize profits whenever possible. There’s no reason for an up-and-coming fashion designer not to capitalize on the technological innovations right at their fingertips in the Digital Age. No matter your budget, there’s a software program that will bolster your natural talent. 

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