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The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Work

Remote work, whether working from home, a coffee shop, or elsewhere, can help freelancers and flexible employees to get more done and derive more satisfaction from their work. There are also some pretty great co-working spaces available in bigger towns and cities – but what are the dos and don’ts of remote work? Getting it right is key, so read on.

Do Be Aware Of Teething Problems

If you’re an employer encouraging your team to work remotely, you should be aware of teething problems – just like with anything else. Things will eventually settle down and your team will be able to enjoy the benefits that remote working can offer 

Don’t Let Loneliness Become A Problem 

Many employees and freelancers that work remotely often talk about feeling isolated and lonely. While there are benefits, they may still miss the feeling of being in a team and the back and forth in the office. Working in co-working spaces can help you to meet people – but if you’re an employer looking at doing this, try to arrange various interactions such as team building. 

Do Ensure Appropriate Tools For The Job Are Available 

Appropriate tools can make the job far easier and faster to complete. Whether you’re going it alone or an employer, look into tools that could make your life a breeze. For example, Grammarly can check all of your content to ensure that there are no spelling errors – good for website copy, emails, and more. 

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Don’t Forget To Check Employment Laws 

Make sure you don’t forget to check international employment laws and payroll laws, as your team may need to comply with the employment laws in the location they have chosen to work. Check this out too if you are a freelancer. 

Do Make Sure Work Can Be Carried Out Safely 

In some cases, a health and safety assessment of the chosen location may be necessary. That isn’t the only thing you want to check, though – you should use this broadband coverage checker to see if you can get internet. A slow connection will make life extremely difficult. 

Don’t Let the Day Pass You By 

Set your own office hours so that you have a definite time to work, or your working hours could easily bleed into your life. Prioritize your tasks, structure your day, and do your best to stick to it. You’re the only one it’s hurting if you don’t. 

Do Create A Morning Routine

A morning routine can help you to get into the mindset you need to be in to get started. This could be a few exercises, a hot drink, or simply washing your face and getting dressed. Make this a habit and you’ll find getting started much easier. 

Don’t Procrastinate

If you have flexibility, this can make you procrastinate even more. Everybody does this from time to time, but regular procrastination can make it a huge problem. Things can pile up and you might find it impossible to catch up. Just starting is the hardest thing, but once you’re in that ‘flow’ state you’ll be well on your way. 

Do Plan Breaks

Plan breaks and don’t feel guilty for taking them. You will be more productive throughout the day and need time away from the computer. Just don’t be tempted to take extended breaks, as it can be harder to get back into the work! 



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