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Up Your Sport Fashion Game with These 6 Top Tips

Photo by Li Sun from Pexels

Just because you’re working out, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish whilst doing it. Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting the reopening of the gyms across the country or you’re regularly heading out for runs in the countryside, you can still easily up your fashion game with minimal effort. 

So how do you work out whilst looking fabulous at the same time? Here are 6 top tips you can use no matter what your budget or preferences:

Wear the Right Fit

It’s so easy to buy workout clothes that are too tight or too loose for – just because they look good when you first try them on. However, to get the most out of them and to have the most effective workout possible, it’s important that you purchase clothes that fit you perfectly. 

You need to find a balance between them being breathable while moving with your body as you exercise. Once you’ve found the right fit you’ll start to notice the difference that it makes – plus, you’ll look so much better exercising in them!

Choose the Right Fabrics

There’s a lot of expensive exercise gear out there to choose from. Especially since athleisure clothing started to become more and more popular throughout the last few years. 

And whilst this clothing might look great in photos initially, it might not be made of the right materials. This will lead you to feel hot and uncomfortable throughout your workout – something that none of us wants to experience. 

The best fabrics for sports clothing are polyester, tencel, bamboo and polyamide. Lightweight, breathable and great when layering, these four materials should be what you’re looking out for when it comes time to invest in new workout outfits. They are also ideal no matter what the season, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to look great.

Invest in a Breathable Face Mask 

Ok, so you might be thinking – this doesn’t scream fashion? And you’re right. However, with the world that we’re now living in, unfortunately, it’s a formality that we all have to deal with. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look great whilst wearing a mask.

There are plenty of options now available – including the Under Armour mask that is stylish, whilst offering you the protection that you require. Just make sure that you order these as soon as possible, as they are rapidly going out of stock.

An item that you can still wear when you’re exercising, it gives you the peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to help stop the spread of the virus. An item of clothing that is in a way becoming its own fashion statement, you can purchase one from most retailers either online or in-store.

Wear Multiple Layers

Although you might look great now, in the colder weather, you’ll be thankful that you are wearing layers and not just one item of clothing. Plus, like other items on this list, there are plenty of different types and brands that offer these – giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose.

By layering up you’ll keep warm initially, before being able to take off the top layer when you start to heat up. This is an invaluable top tip, no matter where you’re looking to exercise.

Opt for a Matching Set

If you really want to up your game, then why not invest in a matching set? Available for both men and women, these stylish outfits will look great both in the gym and out in the open. Because there are now so many retailers that sell these, you’ll easily be able to find a matching set that suits your tastes and budget. 

Upgrade Your Trainers 

Last but not least, a way of improving your look whilst exercising is through upgrading your trainers. Luckily, there are so many stylish trainers to choose from, including Adidas (which you can find at Sivasdescalzo), Nike and more. 

Although trainers have long been considered an essential item of exercise clothing thanks to the practicality they offer, they are now a fashion piece that people can pay thousands of pounds for.

To Conclude…

Those are just 5 ways that you can improve your sports fashion. As time goes on it’s undeniable that more and more trends will start to appear. So if you want to stay in style whilst being comfortable at the same time, keep tuned to see what the industry has to offer!



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