How to improve your delivery service

With more and more people opting for home deliveries, businesses will need to focus on this element now more than ever. Great service and good quality products are vital for keeping customers coming back for more, as is fast, easy delivery. Nobody wants to spend their money on products only to get them way past the expected delivery date. If you’re looking to improve your delivery service and keep your consumers satisfied, keep reading. Our top tips will help you build a loyal customer base and have your deliveries go as smoothly as possible. 

Fleet tracking and GPS

As your business grows and more orders come in, you’ll want to monitor your delivery vehicles closely via GPS fleet tracking. With a plethora of benefits, a fleet management system keeps track of parcels along their entire journey from the warehouse to the customer. Not only that, but you’ll get an insight into how your drivers are behaving on the road, track miles so you can claim them back via HMRC and reduce fuel consumption. By knowing exactly where the parcels are and the issues surrounding your fleet, you can easily optimize your services. 

Automated services

Free up your team’s time for more important tasks by automating some of your services. From producing shipping labels once orders come in to sending out emails to customers once the item has been sent out, these tasks are menial but absolutely essential. Service delivery automatisation is a huge industry, and there’s little that now can’t be done by a computer. By investing in such technology, your employees can get on with the more complex tasks. 

Dedicated customer services

Expand your customer services to different platforms to show potential buyers that you’re readily available should they have an issue. While providing a phone number or email address is a great start, many people prefer to communicate quickly via social media. Younger consumers, in particular, tend to prefer digital communication when it comes to customer service. You don’t have to be on every platform, although social media is a great marketing tool, but rather have a dedicated Facebook or Twitter account for customer queries. 

Keep customers in the loop

Things can and do come wrong when it comes to deliveries. While most customers will be understanding, many get understandably frustrated when there is a lack of communication regarding this. By implementing automated services and fleet management, you should have a good idea of when these issues arise as well as why this may be. Keep the customer updated as often as possible via email, explaining when they can expect their delivery and apologise for the delay. By doing this, you’re acknowledging that your services are usually better and are showing honesty. The customer is more likely to return if this is the case rather than if you don’t update them at all, particularly if this is the first experience of your services.

Customer loyalty is essential in keeping your business successful, and great service is the best way of keeping them coming back. It’s no longer good enough to provide high-quality products, with the delivery now coming into account when it comes to reviews and customer’s opinion. Implement the above tips and you’re sure to notice your services are running smoothly. 

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