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Simple Hacks for Stellar Bedroom Design

Have you grown bored with your bedroom? Do you need to brighten it up a little for the daytime, but get it set up for better sleep in the evening? Here are ten simple hacks that can help you to change up your sleeping space and give you a bedroom that is a great space in the daytime, but also perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Change the Lighting

Your bedroom lighting is an important part of its décor and will have a huge influence on how your room looks in your waking hours. Your bedroom should have access to natural light during the day, but as dusk falls, your room’s lighting should give the space a restful vibe to encourage relaxation. Try changing an overhead light to a lower intensity bulb and use table lamps in the late evening to reduce the light levels before bed.

Set a Space Aside for Comfort

You should always have some chillout space in your bedroom, even if it is only a small, clutter-free corner of your room where you can curl up and read a book for a while. This is great for getting you in the mood for sleep.

Decorate any Empty Wall Space

If your room looks a bit bland or bare, add framed photos or posters to a blank wall to bring some depth and color to your room. You can even frame a large picture of a landscape or picturesque view to look like a window, complete with a shelf to act like a windowsill, giving your room the illusion of an extra window with a stunning view. 

Build Your Own Floating Desk to Maximize Space

Desks and tables can take up a lot of space in a bedroom, but you can reclaim some floor space with a floating desk or bedside tables. A strong shelf that has been well anchored to a brick wall can make a great desk or table and leaves the space underneath for storage.

Tidy Away Clutter with Underbed Baskets

Make more elegant use of the space under your bed by using baskets or crates to keep clutter off the floor and provide you with easy access to your knick-knacks when you need them. This can be done for just a few dollars, and there is a huge range of baskets and crates to choose from.

Don’t Let Your Bed Steal Your Space

King and queen size beds sound like a good idea, but they can quickly fill up a medium-sized bedroom. A twin-sized bed is the perfect option for a medium-sized room and paired with a good twin sized mattress it will give you a great night of sleep.

Cut Down on Your Wardrobe, and Your Wardrobe Space

Having lots of clothes and accessories often means having a big wardrobe in your bedroom that can take up a lot of space and reduce your decorating options. If you get rid of some old clothes, even selling some online to help fund your redesign, you can use a smaller wardrobe or even just use a rack and some hooks in a corner.

Use Your Headboard Space for Decoration or Storage

You can turn a dull headboard into a bedtime library by adding a shelf for your books on top. Add some LED lighting to the underside of your shelf and you have the perfect reading lamp to go with it. Why not attach some pictures of your goals underneath too, to help you dream of your future successes?

Your bedroom is the space you wake up to every day, where you prepare yourself for the day ahead, and where you come to relax after all your hard work. You deserve a better bedroom, and just a few of the simple design hacks will help get you the bedroom of your dreams. 



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