3 Considerations When Choosing Web Hosting For Your Blog

When deciding to start a blog, there are many things you will know to take into account. What is your niche? Should you go more niche to stand out? How do you want it to look? What should you call it? All of these come naturally to any creative person.

However, there are other aspects to consider on the technical side of the spectrum. You may have no knowledge of web design or coding. You don’t need to. But you do need to know a little bit about hosting.

Web hosting refers to the “space” online where your blog exists. Without it, you cannot publish your thoughts online. Many people assume that any hosting will do, as if it’s nothing more than a parking space. But there are some important considerations when choosing web hosting, as you can see in these HostGator reviews. Take the following 3 things into account.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider with web hosting is whether the service is reliable. It’s well known that any website is vulnerable to downtime. We’ve seen it with some of the biggest, most important websites in the world. It simply cannot be avoided entirely. However, it is important that this is the rare exception to the rule.

Some hosting services really do get away with an excessive amount of downtime on their servers. They continue to make money only because customers don’t know better or feel like they have no recourse.

The last thing you want is your blog to go down just as you’re building up a base of regular visitors. Check on a hosting service’s reliability before choosing.

Customer Support

Hosting is one of those services where customer support is crucial. You have no real control over your hosting. Even if you did, you probably wouldn’t have the technical knowledge necessary for troubleshooting. Therefore, when things go wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating.

When customer support is unhelpful or non-responsive, you will want to tear your hair out. You can see this from customer reviews of poor performers. Bad support practices is one of the main reasons people change hosting providers. Look at customer reviews, because only fellow customers know how the provider responds when things go wrong.

Blog Hosting Capabilities

A blog often requires the most basic web hosting. Unless you’re selling merchandise, most of the content is going to be made up of text and images. However, that does not mean you should simply choose the most generic hosting. On the contrary, certain hosting providers work particularly effectively with WordPress and other blogging platforms.

When looking for the right hosting, make sure you look for hosting that is highly sought after by fellow bloggers. It’s a good idea to check out some technical bloggers who discuss their experience with hosting. They know what they’re talking about, specifically in terms of your own probable experience.

Hosting should not be an afterthought. When choosing hosting, make sure you consider all aspects carefully before picking a provider.

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