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How to Play Penalty shootout Arcade Made Simple

Many gamers that are used to online games and real-life casino games will have come across penalty shootout at least once in their gaming journey. However, for those that are new, we will discuss what the penalty shootout arcade is all about below.

Before we dive into Penalty Shoutout arcade game, we will discuss what a penalty shootout is and in which sports matches, it is played.

What is a penalty Shootout?

A penalty shootout is a way, which is used to determine a winner in sports matches that are tied or drawn. Sports matches that use a penalty to decide the match-winner after the game is tied are, football/soccer, hockey (both ice and field hockey), handball, rugby, etc. The rules of penalty shootout vary between these sports?.

We now know what a penalty shootout is and the different types of sports that it is played. But the main area of focus here is football/soccer penalty shootout.

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Football Penalty Shootout: this is also known as a “Spot kick”, it is played from a marked spot on the field. The spot is at a distance from the player to an opposition goalkeeper. Penalty shootout in soccer is usually played in certain tournaments or in a cup competitions where a match cannot end in a draw. Some soccer competitions allow extra-time to be played before going into penalty shootout while others will go into penalty shootout immediately after 90 minutes of a soccer match.

Besides the fact soccer, is a highly rewarding and challenging sport. Penalty shootout can be heart wrenching but at the same time be highly rewarding as well. Particularly for gamers that enjoy the thrill that it brings.

Penalty shootout in soccer is five kicks per team. If there is no winner after that, they move into a first to lose penalty shootouts. So it means a team must outscore the other team before a winner can be declared.

Now let us delve into the real topic.

Penalty Shootout Arcade

This is a casino game online that depicts the penalty soccer shootout and it is not just for football fans alone. It also comes with a very easy setup and simple design to avoid distractions. It features very good graphics and perfect football pitch with sound effects. You have a lot of chances to win real money and cashout. The arcade game is designed by the Playtech team and it can be played at every Playtech online casino site.

With the Penalty Shootout game, you can capture the look of a real live game from the comfort of your own home whenever you want to play. You play as a star striker of the team, about to take a penalty shootout and compete against the goalkeeper to score a goal. Due to the graphics of the game, you will have much fun and a great experience. You just have to aim the ball like in real-life to the angle of choice and beat the goalkeeper.

How to Play?

It is easy to play and quite straightforward too. The first thing is that you will be prompted on the amount of bet you want to place. The betting options that will be presented to you are many ranging from $0.10 to $100. As soon as you place your bet, you can then proceed to the game by choosing the place you want to play the ball. There are options for you to place the ball, the top-center that carries 5 times the value of your money, the lower right or left corners that carry three times the value of your money as well as the top right or left corners that hold 12 times the value of your bet. 

Yes, just as you thought, the higher the wining value, the harder it is to score in that particular location. Once you have decided on the location to shoot the ball, use a red arrow to indicate the position. The position selected will turn yellow, after which you can then click on Kick.

After shooting the ball, the goalie will go after the ball, which can either be saved or missed. The goalie can also be caught unaware, giving him no chance of saving the ball as it goes into the net. When the goalie saves the ball, a message banner will read and indicate that the goalie caught the ball. On the other hand, when the ball goes into the net, the message banner will display “Goal” and you are declared the winner. 

The Game Setup

The screen will display the history of the arcade game on the right side of the screen. When you navigate to the goalie/keeper history, the earlier taken 10 shots will be shown to you. It will show the details of where you placed the ball and if it was saved or you scored. The game graphics are just as expected; it plays out on the field. In addition, you will see the Playtech Logo alongside the casino logo displayed on a barrier. The static fans are then placed at the back of the barrier. The penalty player, on the other hand, is animated so is the goalie as well as the message banner a little bit. The goalie will move to either side to try and save your shot. 

Additionally, there is no need for any installation of software to play the penalty shootout arcade. It will play well on any flash-enabled system. However, the game is unfortunately not available to U.S. players. The good news is that it available to U.K gamers and you can discover Penalty Shootout Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK. The casino wide array of games has seen it emerges as a top choice for gamers all over. 


The game pace is faster than most of the other games played in casinos like Video Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. The way Playtech has designed the game has been remarkable and exceeded all expectations of what you can find at online games in casinos.



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