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19 Ways to Improve Your Winter Wardrobe this Holiday Season

Alright guys, listen up. Winter is almost here, which means that fashion-forward autumn is coming to a close. It can be hard to dress your best when the cold hits – you pretty much just want to wear the same snow jacket and boots every day. Your stylish light outwear and sneakers sit in your closet gathering dusk, waiting for spring. This winter, though, we challenge you to kick it up a notch. With the right tips and tricks, you can still look fly even when the temperatures drop. Check it out.

Invest in dapper winter coats

If you want to look rad all winter long, you’ll need to invest in a couple of winter coats that turn heads. Luckily, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so no matter what your vibe is, there’s sure to be something. The key is to invest in two or three coats to make sure that you have plenty of variety. Some great options for men’s outerwear include:

  • Puffer jackets, which have been a streetwear classic since the 80’s, make a statement while also being extremely warm. 
  • Wool trench coats are a smart and simple staple that you can dress down with streetwear sneakers or dress up with a pair of sleek leather boots. 
  • Sherpa-lined trucker jackets are a go-to for Western wear that you can easily pair with almost anything. Plus, the lining is warm and cozy as can be.
  • Technical raincoats make a great choice for those days of rain and sleet, and with a warm under layer, can be very toasty.
  • Sherpa jackets that are fluffy, fuzzy, and about as cozy as they come are ideal for dry and snowy days.
  • Bomber jackets with a wool liner make for a trendy and savvy style that will turn heads on the street.

A stylish coat can put in some serious fashion work, but there’s still more to keep in mind.

Find fly footwear

Socks and shoes are essential for keeping warm in colder climates. Having the wrong pair of shoes when you’re caught out in a snowstorm can mean disaster, so it’s wise to have some stylish but snow-ready shoes that you can trust when you’re out on the town all day. Socks are also important. Those who have office jobs may think that work socks are thin and anything but warm, but if you invest in higher quality men’s dress socks, your feet will stay nice and cozy. Some great footwear options for snowy weather include:

  • Leather boots that keep in the warmth and shut out the cold
  • Leather high-top sneakers
  • Waterproof rubber Chelsea boots for those extra wet days
  • Wool socks that wick away moisture while locking in warmth
  • A tall pair of Wellington rainboots for those days when the sheets or rain just won’t stop coming down

Once your feet are nice and warm, you’re ready to think about the last winter wardrobe upgrade.

Boost your accessory game

Winter comes with a whole cast of accessories that are ideal for keeping your toasty while still showing off your unique style. If you’re wondering how best to accessorize for the icy weather, try some of these options:

  • A trusty beanie works with almost any outfit and is great for locking the heat in.
  • Newsboy caps are on-trend and, when made from wool, can be surprisingly warming.
  • A classic all-American baseball cap is a great choice for an easy-going look that still traps a bit of heat.
  • Try a scarf in a neutral color to keep your neck insulated while adding a fashion-forward flair to your look
  • Watches can be worn regardless of weather, and they help elevate your look.
  • Earmuffs can be a fun way to add a retro throwback to your streetwear style.
  • Pairing your winter coat with a warm sweater underneath is perfect for looking dressed to impress when you go indoors.
  • Sunglasses that look sweet while protecting your eyes from the glare of bright white snow

Staying warm all winter long is essential. Luckily, with the right fashion moves, it’s easy to look your very best while still keeping the cold at bay. Try these easy styling options to get your wardrobe ready for the holiday season and winter months ahead.  




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