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How to find the perfect engagement ring: 4 tips

Symbolising love and commitment, picking out an engagement ring is one of the most exciting parts of a proposal. Not only is it a momentous occasion that celebrates your life together, but your choice of engagement ring is a lifelong gift that will bring a smile to their face whenever they catch a glimpse of it. Whether you’re picking out a style for your partner or choosing one together, choosing the right ring comes with plenty of pressure and not much help. If you’re unsure where to get started, follow our top tips to choosing the perfect engagement ring to kick-start your search. 

Don’t be afraid to head into a shop to try on everything from 2-carat engagement rings to plain bands before the occasion or encourage your bride to be to do so. This doesn’t have to mean picking an exact ring, but it’s a great way to find a general shape and style that suits the recipient. Your fiancé may think she would prefer a circle diamond, for example, but come to find they much prefer a pear once it’s actually on their finger. Even if your partner wants a complete surprise, encourage them to find a style they like so you can get some inspiration.

When it comes to the metal of your band, you have a few options to choose from. Engagement rings can be made from yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold, the latter being a more modern addition to the selection. Being the most expensive, platinum is the most durable and the hardest to source, while white gold offers a similar silver sheen but may need to be redipped after a few years or so. Consider their lifestyle and wants when choosing the metal; those who like a modern twist to traditions may like rose gold, whereas those who work with their hands may prefer sturdy platinum. 

As mentioned above, it’s a wise idea to consider your loved one’s personality and lifestyle when choosing an engagement ring. If your partner tends to stray from anything traditional and likes lots of bling, a rose gold princess diamond with side stones may be a great choice for them. Alternatively, if they ooze vintage glamour, opt for something equally as opulent, such as a platinum blue sapphire with a delicate halo. Taking inspiration from their everyday style ensures the ring is wearable and versatile – they’ll have to wear it every day, after all! 

You may find that picking the style of ring is incredibly easy, but there’s much more to it than the shape of the diamond. The clarity of said stone is important too, and can have a big effect on the price of the ring. Most rings have small flaws when looked at under a microscope and clarity refers to the amount of these impurities are visible on the stone. As many of these imperfections aren’t visible without a microscope, you don’t need to worry about getting a completely flawless diamond. 

Regardless of what ring you pick, we’re certain your bride-to-be will adore it. Just make sure it comes from the heart and enjoy the proposal process.



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