The holiday season is around the corner, and in the spirit of Christmas, people and families across the globe will come together to celebrate and reconnect with each other. Celebration in most parts of the world is usually marked by shopping and gift-giving. But there are several other Christmas traditions and rituals practised by families that are designed to deepen bonds, strengthen relationships and create precious memories that will last a lifetime, especially for children. Christmas traditions are a prime way of teaching them to nurture relationships and strengthen bonds between families and members of their community. They encourage cooperation and togetherness, provide a sense of belonging, connect them to their history and generally present exciting moments for them to look forward to.

  1. Hanging decorative socks on the fireplace

Hanging socks is a tradition with varying versions of when it began and what it is really about. Regardless of its true origins, hanging socks on December 5th, the eve of St. Nicholas’s feast day, is ritual children love because it is a precursor to a stocking full of treats in the morning. They get to pick out a decorative sock with their name on it and hang it over a glorious fireplace, and the next morning, it is magically full of treats. For the adults, it is a chance to enjoy the mystical aesthetic these items of clothing lend to the room and the delightful squeals of happy children in the morning.

  1. Reading Christmas stories

Reading Christmas stories to children is yet another Christmas tradition that dates back centuries. Storytelling is a means of passing down morals, values and history from one generation to another. It is a way of preserving tradition while enriching lives and young children particularly enjoy this holiday ritual. Christmas books are a great source of stories and activities that keep the spirit of Christmas. From the fictional fantasy genres, picture and colouring books to the ones that teach what the season is truly about, Christmas books are the perfect materials to set the tone for a winter wonder season filled with stories about Santa Claus and the Baby Jesus. It is relatively easy to find an assortment of such material during the holiday season. Still, the best place to find them is in a discount stationery retailer like TheWorks, which carries a wide range of Christmas books and seasonal paraphernalia for children at affordable prices.

  1. Decorating the Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a Christmas tradition that usually involves the entire family putting up mementoes and trinkets on evergreens situated in strategic parts of the home. It is an activity that strengthens the bond between family members with each place of an ornament. From the lights to the frilly red green and silver tassels, and finally the angel on the tree, children get to be a part of this annual ritual and watch in awe and excitement as the Christmas tree lights up. 

  1. Leaving out milk and cookies for Santa Claus

The juvenile ritual of leaving out a warm glass of milk and cookies for Santa Claus on the night before Christmas is another common tradition religiously practised by children mainly in the western parts of the world. Serving refreshments is considered a gesture of kindness to old Saint Nick who tirelessly navigates the globe delivering gifts to children. The excitement and anticipation of finding presents under the Christmas tree is a part of the whole experience for the children and which their parents or guardians can enjoy with them.


Christmas traditions go back hundreds and even thousands of years, but they are a part of modern-day holiday culture. While some are only valid and relevant for the younger members of our society, others persist into our mature years and are part and parcel of our faith, beliefs and convictions. For children, the wholesome experience of a Christmas filled with stories, magic and wonder is an amazing way of nurturing relationships and creating warm and fond memories that make Christmas everything it should be. Simply wonderful.

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