How to Vape Underwater?

You went for a pool-side party and all of a sudden, everyone dives into the water. Unfortunately, you have to get out because you wish to vape. You wonder if you can vape underwater. 

Yes! You definitely can vape submarine. All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Go for a Water-Proof E-Cigarette

You cannot take risks with vapes. They don’t come cheap! So take the definite precaution. Many firms are dealing in water-proof variants like blazed vapes, geek vape, etc. Be sure to look for an IP67 certificate. The minute openings like the USB port and the battery slot should be closed. 

You can go for the models that have rubber or silicone coverings over them. The touch screen should be protected by Plexiglas. Also, the battery capacity should be high. 

Another aspect that you should pay attention to is navigation. It should not slow down with your wet hands.

  1. Gauge Your Lung Capacity:

This is a serious issue and you should not ignore this aspect. When you are underwater, the water exerts extra pressure on your lungs. The oxygen level is low. And you simply cannot breathe. You will be either using a nose plug or an oxygen mask. In either case, you need to remove it to vape. If you are asthmatic or deal with respiratory issues, it is wise to drop the idea of vaping underwater.

  1. 3.  Use Vape Outside Water

There are a lot of discussion forums that claim you can take your e-cigarette inside water. No matter what IP specification it has, it does not fall in the trap. There still isn’t a vape that is fully functional inside water. 

Inhale the vape outside water. As we have mentioned earlier, you should have a strong lung capacity. Holding the vape for a long duration may not be possible with health conditions.

  1. Exhale inside Water:

Once you are inside water, exhale. Using a nose for exhaling is not a good idea. The vapor will be in the form of bubbles. If you are expecting the same vapor forms as in the open air, you may be disappointed. However, you will have a new experience. The most common and easiest is to make the rings. The vapor diffuses faster in water as the bubbles pop.

Cheat Trick: Use Milk

Okay, you read it right. If you are into photographs of you smoking underwater, it is an excellent trick. Just take a sip of milk and blow it out in the water.  Remember to have the e-cigarette in your hand to look more convincing. The whiteness of milk looks like smoke. However, be warned that the seasoned players will notice the difference. The actual vape cloud has smoke-filled bubbles, not the white cloud as in the outer environment.


Vaping is the trendiest thing right now. And if you want to carve a niche for yourself for your tricks, underwater is an excellent place. Be sure to charge your vape before plunging into the water!

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