5 quick and simple design ideas to rejuvenate your home

Looking for some inspiration on different ways to renovate your home? Here are five quick and simple design ideas to help rejuvenate your home.

Smart lighting
Smart lighting and intelligent, colour-changing bulbs can modernise your home with little effort. These fairly affordable tech upgrades to regular bulbs are becoming increasingly affordable and energy-efficient, helping you to achieve the mood you want throughout the home at just the click of a button (or even via voice control if integrating with a smart assistant/speaker). In the winter months, as sunlight is restricted, you can even set timers on your lights, to have them come on in the morning and evening in place of sunlight.
For those working with reduced space, this is a great way for transforming the look and feel of a room without having to move about furniture or drastically renovate.

Space-saving furniture
Particularly if living in an urban or city environment, often we have to do with the space that we have, and so why not think of some innovative ways to do so? RW Invest, in their modern apartments and luxury minimalist student accommodation, use space-saving furniture and intelligent storage solutions to ensure maximum floor space and room for the productive tenant. Keeping things out of sight when not in use will help with your concentration if doing work from home too, as it again has been researched in studies that a clear room helps to keep a clear mind.

Green thumbs
There are a ton of ways you can integrate plants into your home design, and their benefits are plentiful. They can clear toxins from the air, help to maintain humidity in a room, and even help with concentration if often working from home. Providing you don’t have your heart set on some extravagant and exotic species, plants are also very affordable, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to get your home looking like the Eden Project.

Security is key
Smart home accessories and upgrades don’t just stop at flashy new lights and slimline televisions. Security in the home is imperative, so if looking for ways to bolster your home’s protection, smart video doorbells and security cameras are something that you could look into. Both of these types of devices typically come with easy installation (depending on the brand), and again pair up to your mobile devices, allowing you to watch over your home like a guardian angel from afar.

Room renovation
If looking to make major changes to your home, it is usually recommended that you start taking it step by step and room by room, rather than disturbing every area of your house and then running out of steam after you’ve started.
Those wanting to improve the value of their home might want to start with the kitchen, as many experts recommend that it is the most desirable room that will stand out in viewings. There is a lot of merit to this sentiment, as the kitchen is certainly the most practical area, which we spend a lot of time in.

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