Sculpture In Public

Sculpture in Public is the first in the 2017 series of WBG London Projects: The five artists included in Sculpture In Public share an affinity for a material reality grounded in physical objects, each of them often experimenting with or adapting industrial processes within their practice. Sculpture In Public explores exactly that how an artwork or the perception of an artwork changes once it is engaged with by the public. Balmforth, Capper, Chinneck, Hart and Zealey each make work that is often intended to live outside of a  gallery environment while not necessarily conforming to the traditional ideas of “Public Sculpture”.The location of the exhibition is also significant, an ex-MOT centre, reappropriated into an artists’ studio, now takes on a brief new life as an exhibition space its roller doors lifted wide to welcome in the public – before it is once again closed away,to be demolished and make way for new private residential properties. A narrative history of Hackney Wick in one building.

SCULPTURE IN PUBLIC Featuring: JAMES BALMFORTH, JAMES CAPPER, ALEX CHINNECK, LUKE HART, SAMUEL ZEALEY Private View: Friday 24th March 6pm- 8.30pm Exhibition open: 24th March – 2nd April 2017
Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 12 – 6pm or by appointment Woodwork Studios 59 Wallis Road Hackney Wick London E9 5LH

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