Top 6 artists at Sunday art fair.

Sunday art fair has been steadily building a reputation as one of the most curated off-broadway fairs, and this year’s edition is no different, with a tight edit of some for the world’s more interesting small galleries bringing their artists to London.

In no order, don’t miss:

Elliot Dodd at Evelyn Yard Gallery Sunday Art fair

1 Brit multi-media artist Elliot Dodd at Evelyn Yard Gallery’s booth. Dodd’ unsettling video piece mixes digital animation with Dislogue from Jane Eyre for an exquisitely unsettling, strangely sexualised experience.


2 Strauss Bourque-LaFrance’s naïf textural wall sculptures at Rachel Uffner Gallery. Bright pop colours and and expressionistic painting style combine with woodworking skills honed in the artist’s family furniture making business for an engaging spatial intervention.

3 Neil Raitt’s sand-filled tent and deckchair installation seem to bring the dark side of California life to the Anat Ebgi Gallery booth. An American-centric installation by the Leicester artist calls to mind the temporary structures of well funded aid-centres or military encampments, made ridiculous with a giant plastic cactus lamp.

4 At Ltd. Los Angeles, fine artist Anja Salonen returns to figurative painting with psychological portraits of herself and her friends posing with chains, wigs, sunglasses; all elements the artist explains as connected to the formation of the personalities of those shown.

Vanessa Safavi at Sunday art Fair

5 Vanessa Safavi’s arresting work puts materiality to the fore with sheets of brightly hued silicon squashed under glass, on Barbara Seiler’s stand. The artist’s interest in the tactility and folds of her own skin is her subject matter.

6 Johannes Vogt’s themed booth invites viewers to examine aspects of feminist philosophy, with a particular stand out from artist Monika Bravo, who’s wall piece Bild-Objekt layers materials to create solid forms. The Colombian artist was famously included in the Vatican pavillion at 2015’s Venice Biennale.

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