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VOLTA 12 artist video previews

VOLTA 12 opens on Monday next week and ahead of the opening we have some video previews of the artists being shown.

Avital Burg presented by Slag Gallery, Brooklyn
Born in Tel Aviv and based in New York, journalist and visual artist Avital Burg re-contextualizes art historic tropes of portraying charged interior spaces with experimental techniques and sociopolitical undertones.

Fanny Allie presented by Fresh Window, Brooklyn
Fanny Allié engages outlines of the human form — from collage to emotive neon installations — to question our relationship to our bodies and social movements, as well as the intrinsic memories contained within and in our absence.

Jeffrey Hargrave at Ethan Cohen New York, New York
Subject of Escape Route, a solo exhibition at Bronx Museum of the Arts, Jeffery Spencer Hargrave filters art history through Black history and queer identity, manifesting a refreshing directness and witty honesty throughout.

Kevin Bourgeois presented by Causey Contemporary, New York
Kevin Bourgeois assembles At Play in the Fields of the Lord, a site-specific and interaction installation that furthers his investigation and critique of unseen policing and social fragmentation within “The Cloud” of anonymous, ephemeral contemporary culture.

Lado Pochkhua presented by Project ArtBeat, Tbilisi
Lado Pochkhua takes on post-Soviet identity in his draftsman-quality renderings of Georgian aristocracy, a decidedly “old-school” approach that highlights both technique and time period.

VOLTA12, JUNE 13–18, 2016 MARKTHALLE, VIADUKTSTRASSE 10, CH-4051 BASEL voltashow.com/about/



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