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INTERVIEW: Dave White talks to FAD about his new exhibition CRITICAL

FAD caught up with Dave White ahead of the opening of his new solo show at Loughran Gallery (which opened last night) we asked him about his art work and specifically the work he is showing at CRITICAL.

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1. Can you tell us about your work and what are the main ideas you try and express
My work for the past five years has been exploring the natural world and the incredible variety and beauty that I find in all forms of wildlife. The fragility and preciousness is at the forefront of my intentions and with this latest show entitled Critical I have been exploring the movement and the dynamism of animals.

2. How do you decide what your next artwork/project will be and how do you know when it is finished?
I always plan very far ahead and sparks of inspiration fuel the next series. By the time exhibitions come around which are usually six months in the making. I’m already exploring and researching the next subject. I love to visit the spaces in which the exhibitions will be in and plan around this.

3. How has it been working with Loughran Gallery on your exhibition?
This is my third solo show with Loughran Gallery and working with Juliette is always an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Her attention to detail and work ethic is second to none and her gallery is firmly establishing itself in the art world.

4. Can you tell us about your exhibition CRITICAL?
It is look at some of the rarest species, some are featured in oil portraits which are meant to be confrontational to the extent that I want the audience to stop and take note. To pause and connect with the eye contact, something that is a rare thing in our fast paced lives. Then there are the movement pieces in watercolour presenting life with beauty and delicacy. The limited editions are presented for the first time, which express their own qualities such as the Diamond Dust Flamingo and the hand finished sea turtle. I am also presenting my collaboration with Crazy Pig Design jewellery which has been an amazing honour for me.

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5. You are a very successful commercial artist how did you also manage to have such a successful fine art practice at the same time?
The collaborations I have worked on with brands are always something that come from a mutual respect. It’s an honour when people contact you to work together. However, I only ever work with brands I respect and feel as a colab, it will bring the best out of both parties. They are a rare treat, but my fine art practice always comes first.

6. What plans do you have to further your career?
I have some interesting things in the pipeline that will be bringing the issues of the preciousness and scarcity of endangered species to a global audience. I am very excited about some of the projects ahead, but more importantly working with like minded spirits and good people.

CRITICAL is open from today Wednesday 4th November until 28th November at Loughran Gallery’s Chelsea premises, 43 Cadogan Gardens SW3 2TB. – www.loughrangallery.co.uk

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