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WATCH the Film ‘Having So Much Fun At The Beach’ explores technologies influence on Gen Y.

“The effect of the Internet on today’s youth is a conversation that is ever present within our culture,”

says filmmaker Lucy Luscombe of Having So Much Fun At The Beach, her latest film for Protein.

“But whether it’s around the family table or across our newspapers, the discourse is often catastrophizing, adult and boring.”


Instead, inspired by a feature in Protein’s report on age, where they explored how technology is influencing Gen Y attitudes, the award-winning director spoke directly to kids from the age of ten to eighteen about interacting online today.

“I just wanted to listen to kids talk about some personal memories formed online and give them the platform to tell us how it is,”

explains Luscombe. And that’s exactly what they do, from expressing their personality, talking about bizarre catfish scenarios to getting revenge.




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