Something For The Weekend: CULTIVATE presents PLAY, a maximalist art exhibition

Cultivate presents PLAY a two day maximalist art exhibition, artists doing it themselves in a great big warehouse (guarded by a Burning Candy cat) with walls and floors alive with paintings, sculpture, installation and more, street artists jousting with contemporary painters, sculptors juggling around installations … An art event brought to you by Cultivate and curated by Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey


Where were we? Cultivate, as far as Vyner Street is concerned, is now a flattened pile of rubble. Time to play…. Cultivate is evolving again, until we throw out an anchor and settle on a new space,Cultivate will roam around, pop up, do things in strange spaces, in not so strange spaces, conventional spaces, not so conventional spaces The next Cultivate event of will be an art exhibition called Play, a two day art show in a great big beautiful shell of a (soon to be demolished) warehouse, just by London Fields, a stones-throw from the railway station, London, E8.

Meiko Kikuta

Expect painting, installation, sculpture and… well watch this space, all about artists coming together to make things happen. Play will happen on the weekend of June 6th and 7th. A gathering of pro-active artists who either showed work at Cultivate during the three year Vyner Street period or worked alongside Sean or Emma at other events in recent times.

Sean Worrall/Emma Street

“it is essentially about carefully selected artists coming together and doing it, we are being very picky about who we invite to take part and the show will be balanced and considered, but this is essentially artists coming together for a DIY punk rock style weekend art exhibition in a disused East London warehouse.. The vibe of this show is very much along the lines of events like the Chinese Open or the recent Broadway Pop Up”

Emma Harvey Mouth

All about artists doing it ourselves.. Egos and attitudes left at home, artists coming together to make something happen, a busy show, maximalism in the ruins of the fast disappearing East London playground Everyone is invited to come have a look and explore the walls and floors, the art and the people making it…

Artists Confirmed so far, Alexandra Unger, Calum F. Kerr, Charlie Mcfarley, Danny Pockets, Darren Coffield, Deborah Griffin, Emma Harvey, Flora Deborah, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Hugo Von Hugo, India Roper Evans, Jimmy C, Julia Maddison, John Lee Bird, Laura Bodo Lajber, Madeleine Strindberg, Maria Paz Garcia, Martin Sexton, Mathew Tudor, Megan Pickering, Meiko Kikuta, Mia Culpa, Mia-Jane Harris, Millie Easton, M.O.B, Monika Tobel, Patrick Morrissey/Hanz Hancock, Phillip Hawkey, Quiet British Accent, Rebecca Feiner, Roger Clarke, Romi Catalan, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Sean Worrall, Sig Waller, Susana Sanroman. ThisOne, William Angus-Hughes, and more T.B.C

Cultivate presents PLAY, a two day maximalist art event in a great big beautiful shell of a soon to be demolished warehouse, just by London Fields, London, E8. Saturday 6th June (1pm until 9pm) / Sunday 7th June (10am until 6pm) Gransden Avenue, E8 3QA. One minute from London Fields railway station and right by Broadway Market, the field itself (and all that that involves on a summer weekend).

Jimmy C

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