ART OPENING: Richard Parry: Social Ceramics Private View Saturday 8th February 2014 @ The Mews Project

Richard Parry Social Ceramics
Open Saturdays 2-6pm until the 15th of March @The Mews Project 15c Osborn Street, London E1 6TE

Boutique works from the Hull-born artist Richard Parry …

The transmission of the image structure onto a utilitarian object has been quite successful. Only after a second glance do you notice how very aligned the design is to the function – the decor of a plate, or establishment of a panel. Several components are placed around one another in a dissociated way so that repeat designs might occur and make themselves almost accessories. One sees the decorative effect increase as several plates are laid together; creating a large and diversified ornament that is animated by its positioning as like a metaphor for er modernism

Converse Emerging Artists Award: Richard Parry Q&A DAZED

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