Kickstarting a bank heist : ‘Under Black Carpets’ by Ilona Gaynor










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In a response to the subversive narrative of bank heists, ‘Under Black Carpets’ by Ilona Gaynor presents an investigation
into the use and misuse of the cityscape, where architecture is considered both the obstacle and the tool for disparate agendas. Understanding the built form as an entity rather than a witness, the designer uses the parameters of the legal system and investigative methodologies and put these limits in dialogue with the elements of architecture; namely circulation, mass and movement. Working in collaboration with the FBI, New York Department of Justice and the LAPD archives, an iteration of the project is being presented at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale with the hope that further funding for more design probing will be possible. ‘Under Black Carpets’ questions the algorithmic ability of architecture to posit a meticulous deconstruction of several bank heists, using a real life case study of simultaneously occurring thefts in downtown Los Angeles, focusing specifically on five different banks that centre on ‘One Wilshire.’

Today’s legal? and political decisions are often based upon the capacity to display and read DNA samples, 3D laser scans, nano-tech, and the enhanced vision of electromagnetic?microscopes and satellite surveillance. From retinal scans, biological remains, landscape topographies, to the remnants of destroyed buildings, forensics is not only? about diagnostics, but also about the rhetoric of persuasion. The aesthetic dimension includes it’s means of presentation, the theatrics of its delivery, and it’s form ?of image and gesture.

Ilona Gaynor

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