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Nastplas Oxide Lounge

What is Fabulous Noble?
Fabulous Noble is a creative service that connects private clients to illustrators in order to commission bespoke portraits. It is a London based initiative but works with artists and clients from all over the world.

We collaborate with both fine artists and digital artists. With the first type you receive a hard-copy but no digital file; with the second type you always receive the digital file and we can then create a beautiful hardcopy format. Almost all of our clients want a digital and a hard-copy.

Why do you think the time is right for FN now?
Fabulous Noble is here to fill a gap in the artworld and shine some light on the relatively under-represented field of illustration and the graphic arts. In the past few years illustrators have dominated the commercial world and have slowly gained more exposure in the art-scene through specialized fairs and commissions, so we think now is the ideal time for a creative venture like Fabulous Noble to arise. Illustrators’ work has primarily been used by commercial companies, we felt it was about time that the general public also got access to their dynamic work.

How do you choose your artists?
Our artists are all super-talented whether they are established or emerging ones and have been selected for their dynamic and unique style. Research is a very important part of the Fabulous Noble culture so we spend a lot of time scouring the web, reading through numerous art books and magazines from all over the world, and also visiting exhibitions. There are so many great illustrators its hard to choose!

Why have you chosen to use illustrators for the portraits?
The digital nature of most illustrations allows for never-ending possibilities and choices from colours, to effects, to anything you could ever dream; our clients just like us are fascinated by such open-ended work. On a completely different note illustrators know how to work within a specific budget and against deadlines so their creative process is ideal for commissioned artworks.


Can you tell us about a few of your Artists?
All of our artists are exceptional and that is why we have chosen to collaborate with them. Some of our latest collaborations have been with Nastplas and Spiros Halaris. Nastplas is a creative duo based in Madrid who creates elaborate pieces of art using striking digital elements and abstract patterns with a distinct mystical atmosphere that has a 3D effect. Spiros Halaris is a multi-talented creative who has worked on major campaigns for fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and most recently had his first solo exhibition in London. Philip Dennis is a London based illustrator who created the portrait of Chelsea Studios (our headquarters!) and has developed a unique technique by drawing marks that are then digitally collaged.

How do you decide the price of the portraits?
As every portrait is bespoke every price is unique. However, we do give our clients an indication of a starting price for each artist so they can know from the start if an artist relates to their budget. Prices are based on the complexity of the work, the deadline, and also the notoriety of the artists. We consider our artists in the same way we do our clients, so we want to create the best possible solution for both parties. Part of our aim at Fabulous Noble is to secure the standing of these illustrators in the artworld, which means fighting for their prices.

Do People have to spend a lot of time with the artists to get their portrait?
Knowing that people have little time in their hectic schedules and using the advantages of the digital nature of many illustrations Fabulous Noble works from photographs. Our clients send us a selection of photographs that the illustrators use as the reference for their own original work.

The artists at Fabulous Noble are from all over the world was this something you wanted to happen?
It’s exactly what we were aiming for. Since our company is web-based and these portraits are created from photographs it allows for a client based in London to collaborate with an artist in New York. There are no geographical restrictions, which makes the projects all the more exciting.

Will we be able to meet Fabulous Noble in the real world?
Yes! We are already planning our involvement in a couple of art fairs, as well as a party later on in the year where we will showcase works by our artists. An invite will come your way…

Can you commission a portrait for a friend, family member?
You can commission a portrait for or of anyone you want; we just need the details of the individual or group that will be depicted. A number of our clients commission portraits as unique and very personal presents for family members or friends.

Spiros Halaris

Do you have any restrictions on size or materials?
We offer a bespoke service so there are absolutely no restrictions (ok well maybe – as of yet at least – we can’t create an artwork that is as big as the moon!). As our artists know their work the best we take their suggestions on how to print and mount an artwork very seriously. This coupled with the specific needs/desires of the client are our main constituents for deciding over size, materials, printing and mounting.

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