VIDEO: Kinetica Art Fair 2012: Art that has a life of its own

FAD presents an overview of Kinetica Art Fair 2012, with Tony Langford.

Kinetica Art Fair now in its fourth year, it is the only art fair that is dedicated to Kinetic, electronic and new media art. This year Kinetic brings 45 exhibitors from countries all over the world. Here is a sneak peak of the action.

There has been an growing interest in the fusion of science, technology and art over the years. In conversation with Tony Langford, co-founder of Kinetica Art Fair he said “We’ve seen the contemporary art world take notice more in what we are doing, conceptually there’s a lot to see in the work, the artists are using the technology to show what they’re thinking about the world we are living in”.

As a viewer it will reconfigure how you see the world around you, with interactive works that make the unimaginable a reality.

Check out a few images of what to expect, This is not to be missed!

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