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Absolut Blank showcase for a new generation of artists.

Behind the scenes footage from ABSOLUT BLANK — a global creative movement, in which ABSOLUT appears as a catalyst for contemporary leading-edge creativity. In collaboration with a new generation of artists:

In ABSOLUT BLANK, ABSOLUT has boldly made its iconic bottle into a blank canvas to inspire artists throughout the world to collaborate and fill it with creativity. We brought together artist collaborators from a variety of disciplines and watched the journey from pure white canvas to exceptional pieces of art. The result depicts how artists and creativity are inspired through ABSOLUT,” says Mark Hamilton, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company.

The 18 artists participating in ABSOLUT BLANK represent a variety of creative disciplines; from drawing, painting and sculpting to print making, film making and digital art. Among the artworks are UVA’s high intensity, bright and striking light installations, Mario Wagner’s cut-out imagery and the graphic design of Robert Mars, the colorful painting of Dave Kinsey and the detailed work of Good Wives and Warriors, best known for making labor-intensive, imaginative, intricate and large-scale drawings with titles such as ‘Giant Squids Attacking the Earth’.

You can see the work at www.facebook.com/ABSOLUTUK

Adhemas Batista, Aestethic Apparatus, Alex Trochut, Brett Amory,Dave Kinsey
David Bray, Eduardo Recife, Fernando Chamarelli,Good Wives & Warriors, Jeremy Fish, Ludovica Gioscia, Marcus Jansen,Mario Wagner,Morning Breath,Robert Mars
Sam Flores, Thomas Doyle, UVA, Zac Freeman



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