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The Food Illustrator: Late night opening Tuesday 21st June 2011

Nearly a year ago, David Meldrum, set himself an unusual artistic and culinary challenge.

Starting on 15th June 2010, he decided to illustrate everything that he ate or drank, every day, for a year and so it was The Food Illustrator was born.

David chose to illustrate his food, using acrylic, collage, watercolour, pen and ink, sometimes in its raw form, or on the plate but often in its packaging. The result is an impressive visual diary, and the information revealed therein is strangely intimate.

The Food Illustrator project acts not only as a record of what David has consumed, but also an historical record of todays food related trends, packaging, design and typography.

Exhibition now on at Arch 402 Gallery, Hoxton, London until Sunday 26th June. Late night opening Tuesday 21st June to 9.00pm. Where you can see all 365 artworks




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