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GOSEE: Since Tomorrow Group Show at EB&Flow from Saturday 2nd April 2011

Image:Briony Anderson We can only plead pleasure on the limited space available1 6.5x15cms oil on canvas 2011
2nd April – 26th May 2011
GOSEE the inaugural show from London’s newest gallery which opened with a great party on Thursday.

Since Tomorrow, has been curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, and celebrates the core group of EB&Flow artists who work across disciplines from installation and painting, to sculpture and photography.

This initial line up features new work by Briony Anderson, Gemma Anderson, Neil Ayling, Ross M. Brown, Shannah Bupp, Sue Corke, Dylan Culhane, Alessandro Librio, Nicholas McLeod, Katie Louise Surridge and Cristian Zuzunaga.


Image:Gemma Anderson, Fernandina courtesy the artist and EB&Flow

Image:Gemma Anderson, Mycology, courtesy the artist and EB&Flow

Image:Sue Corke, Night Mare, 2009, photo-gravure print, courtesy the artist and EBFlow

Image:Neil Ayling Red 2010



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