Todd White special project for Coca-Cola.

In early 2010, Todd White produced a number of images in conjunction with Coca-Cola, to be featured on a range of exclusive limited edition bottles.

These photographs show Todd in his Hollywood studio at the beginning, working on the original concept sketches, and also at the end, when he finally got to see the finished bottles for the first time.

“The opportunity to work on this project with Coca-Cola was exciting–Coke is part of our pop culture, a common touchstone for people all over the world. It has inspired scores of artists, from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring to Norman Rockwell and Guy Peellaert and everyone in between. This served as my inspiration, both in working with Coca-Cola and in creating the initial sketches for the project. Any marriage between art and the corporate world is precarious, at best, but in this case I think we have achieved something that invokes thoughts of joy, romance, laughter and intimacy, feelings that, like art itself, the world could use a little more of.” Todd White

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