Romy & Maxim Northover at NEU Gallery Review by Ludlow Bookman


If you think a show entitled ‘Luxor’ might feature images of Egypt, you’d be wrong. The etymology here derives more from luxurious (expensive living), luxuriating (taking pleasure), or even just lux (a unit of illumination).

The show does all of these things. Four neatly chosen pieces (one sculpture, one video, one print, one sound piece) provide a louche look at a seductive world.

The video, set in an up-scale boutique, hints at the ennui engendered by the world of fashion, its fictionalised narrative delivering a zesty, humorous finish.

A denuded, empty perfume bottle is scaled up into an abstraction of polished and transparent rectilinear forms. A sound dialogue of cross-purposes, at times hilariously confusing, makes its own parodic comment.

This brother and sister exhibition promises something new and delivers a lot. Let’s hope we see more of them in the future.

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