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Wanderbag brings together artists, design collectives, and small businesses to create custom tote bags in the spirit of environmental responsibility. The project was conceived and produced by NY-based Cindy Heller.

The three most popular bags, as decided by open voting on http://www.wanderbag.com, will be realized and presented at the SI on August 21, 9PM.

Participants Include:
Bidoun Magazine, Bela Borsodi, San Keller, Judith Eisler, Olaf Breuning, Hello NYC, Christoph Schreiber, Happy Menocal, Lehni / Trüb, Rob Giampietro / Giampietro + Smith, Yuko Sueta, Luke Bulmann / Thumb Projects, Sujin Kim / Us In Furs, Babak Radboy, Huber Huber, Sharzad Collective, Room / Jan Haux, Laurent Goei, Josephine Meckseper, Jordan Mattos, Flag, Georg Gatsas, Seasick / Jasmine Golastaneh, Rae Crosson, Kerim Seiler, Cindy Heller, Melodie Provenzano, Arthur Jones, Lustenberger Griffin, Franziska Burkhardt, Ketuta Alexi Meskhisvili, Michael Portnoy, Veronika Bjarsch, Matthew Mcguinness, Christian Calabro, Dominic Fiechter, Roger Bova, Eugene Tsai, Madeleine Stahel, Margarita Jimeno , Naz Sahin, Eli Ping, Megan Offner, Selina Trepp, Mónica Torrejón Kelly, Willy Somma, Anton Ginzburg, Keetja Allard / Ross Menuez, Thomas Galler, Caberet Voltaire, Angie Waller, Marianne Vyt, Christian Wassmann




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