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  1. We are artFix, a charity which aims to bring quick fixes of art into the everyday spaces of daily life, to encourage more people to engage with art of all kinds.

    We transform empty shops into gallery spaces, which can be used for exhibitions, performances, screenings, classes and community events. Our first store opened in Soho in December, complete with cafe! You can find it at 27 Peter Street, W1F 0AJ.

    I was wondering if this is something you would be interested in covering or possibly finding out more about. Our ambition is to change the high street into a place where people can engage with art whilst they pick up their morning coffee.

    If you’d like any more info, our website is My name is Paddy and my email is, and my number is 07599 372 123. The office number is 020 80011527.

    Thanks a lot, and we’d love to hear back from you soon!

  2. Hello FAD,

    Pressure Washing, my collage-based visual essay on soft core porn, just opened in the heartland of America at Converge Gallery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Here, amongst the frackers drill the earth for gas and other ancient oozes, I’ve put together a show about titillation, frustration, religion and exaltation. I’ve also produced two pussy prints: Secretary and Applied Sciences. If you like I can e mail you the entire catalog of the exhibition in PDF. (Ask for John).

    See more here:


    Many thanks,

    Matthew Rose / Paris, France

  3. Re: What’s Wrong With Art: Bad Reviews Are Bad For Business

    Well said, young Tabish, I completely concur with your comments about reviews.

    + I would add that most so called “reviews” have no critical element at al (either way)l, only a description of the venue/artist/work, mostly gleaned from the press release – “churnalism” at its best!

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